JungleQueen Toygers are proud to announce that we have a small number of Toyger kittens which can be reserved. Please look through the next few pages to see what we currently have...... but be aware we may have other kittens available but haven't had time to list them on our site.....Give us a call for an update.....


This cheeky chap was a kitten which we were going to keep due to his really clear high contrast coat.... So it is with surprise to many that we now offer him for re-homing.

He has a great temperament, and will turn out to be quite a large Toyger...


JungleQueen Kitten 3969

JungleQueen Toyger 4003

This a is a kitten which needs to be seen to be appreciated... why not come and see him? ring us on 07956 610 492.

He would make a super pet and is used to living with other cats, but with enough love... would be happy to be the only one in your life.

Available Kittens